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Principal's Message


Hello to the Maverick Community:

Like many of you, we are deeply disturbed by the events that took place this week in Washington, D.C.  What started out as a protest at our nation's capitol building, devolved into a riot and occupation.  The rioters' criminal and seditious actions were a flagrant attempt to disrupt the constitutionally protected democratic process. Fortunately, the mob was unsuccessful in achieving their goal.  Unfortunately, the mob's efforts resulted in the death of five people and numerous people injured.  I would like to make three brief points in regards to this criminal incident.

First, Wednesday’s events highlight, yet again, that parts of our society have lost respect for our governmental institutions and the rule of law.  The United States is a nation that believes we all have inalienable rights.  The United States continues to strive toward ensuring all people have those same rights, especially people who are from traditionally marginalized groups. The flip side of having rights is responsibility.  All citizens have the responsibility to exercise their rights in such a manner as to not cause harm or death to other individuals who have the same rights.  Wednesday’s actions were beyond the pale of civility and were quite frankly, a poor example for our students.  

Second, in times like these it is imperative that we provide a sense of  stability for our students.  Our students need to know that the constitution worked the way it was intended and that our government is secure.  In the end, Congress accomplished their task, the courts followed the law and the election of 2020 has been certified.  Our democracy is bent, but it is not broken.  When something is bent, it can be repaired.  I would like to reiterate what our Superintendent, Dr. Balderas said in his recent communication:

“We are aware of different political beliefs throughout the communities we serve in our school district and I anticipate those beliefs may be more apparent in the coming days. Leading up to Inauguration Day and beyond, I hope we can focus on the values of inclusion and the work we can control, which includes peaceful exchanges of ideas and opinions.”

We now need to move forward with hope and optimism.  We need to listen to and support each other. 

Finally, and most importantly, our students are no doubtily feeling a range of emotions (unsettled, fearful, anxious, etc).  These feelings are normal and should be validated.   The staff at Meadowdale High School are dedicated to helping our students through this difficult time.  Our counseling staff is available to support our students.   

If You or Your Student Needs to Talk to Someone: Reach out to your school counselor. Their contact information can be found here: Meadowdale High School Counselors

We can make it through this trying time. 


David R. Shockley (Principal)

Kim Dreier (Assistant Principal)
Deann Anguiano (Assistant Principal)

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