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Running Start Information

Before proceeding, we highly encourage you to review this dual enrollment slide show  to make sure you have information about all of the programs offered and what this means for your student's  academic future.  This comparison from Auburn University may be helpful in deciding if your student is ready for college. Many of the programs below have orientation information on their websites. We encourage you to review all of these to get a better sense of the various Running Start programs and supports available to students.
Should you decide that the Running Start program is a good fit for your student, the following steps need to be taken in the order listed.
  1. Student determines eligibility for the program by reviewing the criteria for the Running Start program at the college of the student's choice.
  2. Student applies to the college for Running Start.  Links to each college's Running Start page for the application are listed in the menu.   
  3. Student completes orientation requirements specific to the college of their choice.
  4. Student reviews the quarterly class schedule to select their classes for fall quarter.
  5. Once the student has decided classes to take for the upcoming quarter, the student will make an appointment  or email their counselor after the student and parent/guardian have completed their part of the Quarterly Enrollment Form.  Directions for completing this are found here. The counselor will need to know the course code (ex. ENGL&101) for each class the student plans to take for the upcoming quarter. The counselor does not need to know the times the student would like to take the course or the section number of the course.
  6. The counselor will return the Quarterly Enrollment Form (RSVEF) to the student with counselor completed sections.
  7. The student will follow the procedures at the college to return this form and register for classes.
  8. The student will then follow established procedures for enrolling in the college class. Directions will be provided by the Running Start office.
  9. The Student will notify the counselor which classes should be dropped from your Meadowdale schedule and what time you will be at the college (morning or afternoon) – please see the end of this message.

For each quarter, the student will need to have a completed Quarterly Enrollment Form. The student should plan accordingly and make an appointment with their counselor after the student has decided classes to take.

Part-time Running Start students are responsible for making sure their college classes do not conflict in any way with classes at the high school.  You will not be excused to leave early or return late to a class because of your Running Start schedule. We encourage you to schedule any morning classes between 7:30 – 9:00am or afternoon classes that begin after 12:00pm. Travel time will vary between campuses
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