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Student Searches

Administrators may make general searches of all lockers, desks, or storage areas without prior notice given to students and without reasonable suspicion that the search will yield evidence of any particular student's violation of the law or school rules.

Searches of students and their property/possessions (including vehicles and electronic communication devices) must be reasonably related to the discovery of contraband or other evidence of a student's violation of the law (RCW 28A.600.230) or school rules (#8270 R1). Meadowdale may participate in the use of narcotic detection dogs throughout the school year. Narcotic detection dogs may be used to sniff unattended objects such as lockers, desks, storage areas, cars or other school areas when students are not present. The following guidelines are recommendations for a school participating in a dog-sniffing program:

1. Determine which objects or areas are to be included in random checks.

2. Notify parents and students in writing prior to the implementation of the policy or annually at the beginning of the year in the student handbooks. Be clear and precise as to the items and areas subject to search.

3. Include notice in school bulletin periodically throughout the year.