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Gang Activity and Association

Gangs which initiate, advocate, or promote activities or behavior which threaten the safety or well-being of persons or property on school district grounds or at school-sponsored events are disruptive to the educational environment and will not be permitted.

Students may not use hand signals or graffiti while on campus; wear apparel, jewelry, accessories, other belongings; or in any way groom themselves in a manner which by virtue of color, markings, symbols or arrangement, or any other attribute, indicates or implies membership or affiliation with a gang. To do so, undermines trust and community, creating instead an atmosphere where the threat of fear, intimidation, harassment, violence, and other violations of school rules and unlawful acts may occur.

Any student engaging in such behavior or who is involved in initiations, hazing, or other related activities of such group affiliation which has the effect of causing intimidation, harassment, physical harm to students or staff, or cause damage to school property or disruption to the educational process, shall be subject to suspension or expulsion. (Edmonds School District Policy #8275)