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Acts Subject to Discipline

Acts Subject to Discipline

Meadowdale High School has no tolerance for any act of violence. Fighting or physical assault of any kind is prohibited at school and school events. A student involved in such action shall be suspended from school. Any student promoting a fight or encouraging others to fight is subject to suspension. In the event of a fight, all students must immediately disperse when ordered to do so by a staff member; students who fail to immediately leave the scene are subject to suspension.

The use of abusive language, especially when used to escalate or inflame a situation, is considered verbal assault. Harassment, threatening statements, intimidation, coercion, and verbal abuse are not allowed and violations will result in disciplinary action. It is prohibited to threaten physical assault on another person and make statements or acts directed at others that cause them to be fearful of their personal well-being.

Engaging in verbal abuse, i.e. name calling, ethnic or racial slurs, sexual harassment, or any derogatory statements addressed publicly to others that may precipitate disruption of the school program, or incite violence, is not permitted. Profanity, vulgar language, hostile looks, or obscene gestures toward other students, school personnel, or visitors to the school will not be tolerated. Offenders will be subject to disciplinary action.

Malicious harassment is a Class C felony. Overt acts of prejudice or harassment related to a person’s race, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, gender, culture, ethnicity or mental, physical or sensory handicap will result in immediate and serious consequences which may include long-term suspension or expulsion from school.

Teachers, administrators, and staff will not tolerate any behavior that materially interferes with, or is detrimental to, the orderly operation of school, school-sponsored activities, or any other aspect of the educational process. Such behaviors shall be subject to discipline including possible suspension and/or expulsion from school, and/or referral to law enforcement authorities. Such acts shall include (but are not limited to) those listed below. The following acts by a student shall constitute sufficient cause for discipline, suspension, or expulsion:
• "Exceptional misconduct" as defined by section 1.8 in the District Student Rights and Responsibilities;

• Disruptive conduct;
• Disobedience of the reasonable instructions of school authorities;
• Withholding information;
• Immoral conduct;
• Vulgarity;
• Truancy, unexcused absence(s) or tardiness;
• Intimidation/harassment/bullying;
• Cheating;
• Plagiarism;
• The commission of any criminal act as defined by law; or
• Violation of other school or district rules, regulations, or policies now or hereafter adopted.

These shall include acts which occur:
1. on or near the school district property at any time;
2. off school property at a school activity, function, or event;
3. off school property when the student is en route between home and school (including bus stops and while riding the bus).