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Main Attendance Line: 425.431.7654

Students (in cooperation with their parents) have the responsibility for establishing and maintaining prompt and regular attendance as prescribed in the Compulsory Attendance Law of the State of Washington for RCW28A.225.010.

Punctual attendance is the first requirement for success both at MHS and in the “real” world. A large part of learning takes place during class discussions and participation. Students are expected to be in:

  • Their classroom seat and prepared to begin working when the tardy bell rings.
  • School every day. Student participation is key to many instructional methods—when students are absent they miss out on that learning. 

If a student has excessive absences, a BECCA petition may be filed. You can find more information about BECCA at the district website.

Tami Hodge—Attendance Secretary



Sue Burns—Attendance Assistant